Cost Justification

The IFSC Capital Equipment Evaluation and Cost Justification Guide is a great tool to help understand how a new piece of equipment will play into your future. Our clients frequently use our cost justification guide and realize that they can make more money and improve profitability with no new sales by adding new technology and equipment. Two thirds of the criteria on the guide is dedicated to looking into our client’s future. Our guide is designed to help clients get a better understanding of cash flows before and after the purchase of new equipment.

Unlike your local bank, we are not exclusively focused on historical company performance. We know that with some careful planning, a new piece of equipment can make a huge impact. Similar to our Hourly Cost Guide, the Cost Justification Guide helps business owners understand that they might be in a position to afford the equipment they need today. The purpose of both guides is to simply dig down deeper to help business owners find the correct financing package, and make the correct decision that will have the biggest positive impact on their future.