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We offer a wide range of financing opportunities for businesses of any size.

Support For Any Situation

Common Types of Financing

We will consider any reason to finance your business, but these are a few of the most common situations.

Turnaround Situation
  • One-time, non-recurring events were the cause of the downturn.
  • Proof of a turnaround, a return to profitability or narrowing losses has/is taking place.
  • Many deals get done with modest balance sheets.
  • Essential use/mission critical equipment is most likely to be approved, and is often required.
Startups & New Ownership
  • Typically provide leasing & financing for new entities whose ownership has significant experience in the industry and has solid pro-formas, business plans and startup and working capital.​
  • Equipment capital minimum of $300,000 and must be a hard asset(s).​
  • Minimum $300,000 in startup capital (minimum of 1:1 capital to equipment cost).​
PE & Venture Capital​
  • Significant negative tangible net worth with free cash flow available for debt or lease servicing​
  • Evaluated on EBITDA vs. net income approach
  • Transactions completed with or without subordination of senior or mezzanine debt provided there is sufficient cash flow coverage for the new equipment.​
Leveraged Buyouts / Management Spinoffs
  • Transactions with subordinated debt to old shareholders or company.​
  • Long term sales & operations but new ownership control.
  • Significant historical experience and sales.
Development Stage Companies
  • Significant historical experience and sales.​
  • Without significant sales revenue or production.​
  • We specialize in dealing with companies that have gone through bankruptcy.​
  • IFSC also funds companies in bankruptcy – Minimum $250,000 in equipment leasing requests.
  • If still in bankruptcy, equipment must be mission critical and/or essential use.
Common Types of Financing

Reasons For Love

Three reasons to choose us.


Every leasing situation is unique and we pride ourselves on being able to tailor a lease or financing to meet our clients specific requirements, plus give them the necessary service to complete their transaction quickly. IFSC works hard to provide creative financial alternatives for acquiring equipment.

No Middle-Men

IFSC is a direct lender, not a broker, therefore you get industry leading rates and terms; an unseen third party doesn’t dictate the terms. With IFSC, you get the best rates because you are working directly with the funding source.

Vendor Support

Our programs are based on fixed payments with 100% financing. Additional advance for freight, tax and rigging can normally be rolled into the transaction. Most vendor down payments can be funded by IFSC on the client’s behalf; thus the maximum amount the client needs to put down is the nominal advance rental payment.

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