Frequently Asked


Some questions people ask us

A benefit of financing with IFSC is that you can purchase equipment from just about any vendor that serves your industry. IFSC has funded hundreds of different vendor over our nearly 40 year history. Select your equipment and the options, negotiate your best price and let us do the rest.

Your application will usually be approved within 72 hours of receipt of full credit package. An example of a credit package includes, but not limited to: Three years of financial statements, application, and a signed proposal. IFSC has the ability to move as quickly as our clients need us to move.

Once you are approved, we prepare lease documents for you to review and sign. In many cases the lease documents are sent out the same day of the approval. After you sign and return your lease documents, IFSC issues a purchase order to the vendor for the equipment that you have selected. IFSC has the ability to make progress payments to the vendor on your behalf, which allows you to conserve your cash.

In some instances you can write off the monthly lease payment as an operating expense, depending on the structure or you can take the equipment as a depreciation expense. Because everyone handles their taxes differently, please consult your accountant regarding the specific benefits for your business.

Yes! Each new client is set up on our master lease program. We can add more equipment at any time with the addition of another lease schedule to your master lease agreement. This allows our clients to add more equipment quickly and easily, with minimal amounts of paper work.

Equipment financing with IFSC leaves your lines of credit open for other business expenses and needs. Avoid tying up your lines of credit with equipment loans, and keep them open for working capital, and other unforeseen expenses. Diversifying your lending sources makes certain that you remain in control of your own company, and maximizes your borrowing ability.

​The simple fact is that you may never know why you could be losing a sale. Your potential customer may want your equipment, but may have been recently turned down by their lender. Unfortunately, most business owners are too proud to tell you this. By offering our financing programs, you increase your potential to close more sales. Creative equipment financing at IFSC is just another tool in your tool bag, and at no cost to you!​

Most equipment sales people have heard their prospects say at least once, “I can’t afford your equipment right now.” Use financing at IFSC to help close the sale! Show your prospect why they can afford your equipment with our Capital Equipment Cost Justification Guide. This guide will help your customer better understand cash flows with the new equipment. Many times this guide allows your prospect to see that they can positively impact their bottom line without any new sales, or increased margins. Often at this point, business owners realize that they can’t afford not to buy your equipment!

You and your customer are in great hands when working with the IFSC team. Your IFSC Account Executive will work simultaneously with you and your customer. IFSC will help tailor a finance program that will meet and exceed all of your customer’s goals. Your Account Executive will design and forward the best proposal possible to your customer. At that time, your customer needs to simply sign the proposal, include any necessary credit items, and send it back to IFSC. This information will then be submitted to our credit department for approval. Typically, IFSC provides your customer a credit approval within 72 hours of receipt of the credit package. Upon credit approval your customer will receive a set of master lease documents to review and sign. When the documents have been received by IFSC, we then prepare to fund the transaction. IFSC has the ability to help your customer along the way with any insurance issues, UCC searches, or progress payments to the vendor.